Kangaita Breakfast

Today’s tea is Kangaita Breakfast, and it is an African black tea from Rare Tea Republic.

What I like about Rare Tea Republic is that the labels on the bags are hand written and they tell you not only where the tea originates (in this case, Kenya), but the plucking date as well, so you know exactly how old your tea is. Pretty amazing, huh? The rest of the label is the important stuff about how much tea to use and how long to brew it and for what temperature.

Kenya has been producing tea for only 50 years, yet ranked third in the world for black tea production, according to The Story of Tea. (Heiss, 239)

The tea is very dark, without much gradation in color. Most breakfast blends contain Assam, but this one is not a blend. It smells malty and strong, just the way I like it. It brews up a hearty red-brown cup. It smells and tastes a bit earthy, with a robust, slightly astringent flavor. This is another tea that is made for milk. It smoothes the tea out and blends the flavors.

This is a tea I’ve added to my rotation. I ordered it on a whim, just because it was a breakfast tea, and I had never had an African tea before. Unfortunately, Rare Tea Republic is now The Republic of Tea. I’m so disappointed that they’ve combined the companies, and I can’t find this tea on their site. I’m not a fan of Republic of Tea. My experience with their tea is that it is just not that good. It’s sad that in the few short months that I’ve been doing this blog, two of the suppliers for my tea no longer exist. First L’Amyx Tea here in Oakland, and now Rare Tea Republic out of Novato, both here in California.

I was able to find this tea on Stash Tea’s site. I might order from them when I run out. It would be worth checking out from another supplier, and they sell it loose leaf: http://www.stashtea.com/Stash-Tea-Kenya-Black-Kangaita/dp/B005DM5KQE


About theteaprincess

I have nearly an entire kitchen cabinet full of tea, and I just keep acquiring more! I started this blog to go through them one by one, to be reminded why I bought them all in the first place, to learn, and to rekindle my love for tea.
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