Pumphrey’s Blend


Good morning, today’s tea is Pumphrey’s Blend, and it is a unique blend of black and green teas from Peet’s Coffee & Tea. The black teas come from India and China and there is green tea and jasmine scented green tea in it as well.

At first, a tea purist might think, “How can you combine black and green teas when they are brewed at different temperatures? That’s preposterous!” Well, as it turns out, it works. Brewing the green tea at a temperature for black tea doesn’t ruin the flavor of this tea. It simply works.

The fragrance of the jasmine is what you smell first. Then the earthiness of the black teas come into play. This is another tea (like the Pride of the Port) that smells like perfume, but in a good way. The leaves are dark, and the green tea doesn’t really stand out against the black like I would expect it to.

It’s intriguing, this blend. You wonder how it can possibly come together in something that is palatable. But not only is it palatable, it’s a dream. The flavors mingle in such a way that is so unusual, yet brilliant. It’s one of those things you wish you had thought of yourself. “Fresh” is a word they use to describe it on the tin, and I would agree with that. I add milk as well, which sounds strange since there is green tea in the blend, but again, it works.

Pumphrey’s Blend is in regular rotation at my house. It was made for an afternoon tea, but I drink it in the morning. It is also supposed to be especially good iced. It’s one I recommend highly, especially if you are a jasmine tea lover.

You can get it here: http://www.peets.com/shop/tea_detail.asp?id=82&cid=1000154



About theteaprincess

I have nearly an entire kitchen cabinet full of tea, and I just keep acquiring more! I started this blog to go through them one by one, to be reminded why I bought them all in the first place, to learn, and to rekindle my love for tea.
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2 Responses to Pumphrey’s Blend

  1. Koohan Paik says:

    they’ve discontinued pumphreys blend! and i’ve been drinking it for decades! i am at a total loss!

    • Don’t know if you got the e-mail from Peet’s, but they are doing a special offering of the Pumphrey’s Blend tea a couple times a year now. You can order it exclusively online, now through November 20. They will offer it again in the Spring. You also have to order a pound of it–probably just enough to last until the next offering! I’m pretty excited about this! Cheers to you!

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